General Information

Do I need a visa?

A Visa is not required for nationals holding a European Union passport for a stay of less than 90 days. Be sure that your passport is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of entry into Morocco.
For non-EU nationals, we recommend that you contact the nearest Moroccan embassy.

Security in Morocco

Morocco is a very secure country. Tourism is an important sector of the local economy and the government is very involved in maintaining the safety of tourists coming from all countries.

Medical information

No vaccinations are required to visit Morocco and anti-malaria medication is not necessary. We have first aid kits at the Guest House. In case of emergency, there is a dispensary in Dar Bouazza, otherwise there are hospitals and clinics in Casablanca. Make sure you have medical coverage or travel insurance to cover hospital costs if necessary. There are pharmacies near Soul House & Surf.

Telephone and internet

The network coverage works throughout Morocco.

International roaming call coverage is relatively cheap for Morocco.

WIFI is available and free of charge throughout our Guest House.


A wide choice of European and traditional dishes are available in most of the nearby restaurants and cafés as well as in our Guest House.


Morocco is a fairly tolerant Muslim country. Both men and women are free to wear shorts and t-shirts in cities and villages. Shirts and bikinis are also allowed on the beach.

Nevertheless, it is important to respect the local population by avoiding wearing clothes with very little coverage.

If you come during the winter you will probably need some warm clothes as the nights and mornings can be cool.

Sockets and electricity

The voltage in Morocco is 220V, 50Hz (European standard). Check the information about your laptops and electronic devices to make sure they are suitable.

Adapters are available in case your electrical outlets do not fit.

What language is spoken in Morocco?

The official language in Morocco is Arabic, but the majority of Moroccans also speak French.

What’s the weather forecast?

Morocco is the perfect destination for good surfing and good weather all year round.

Between April to October, a pleasantly warm and sunny period with rare rains, generally offers medium waves. These are ideal conditions for people looking for fun and surfing in warm water. Nevertheless, there are some swell peaks during this period for those looking for more challenge.

Between November and March, the big swells are slowly building up. There is a wide variety of surfing depending on the spots and waves for everyone.

Morocco is bathed by 300 days of sunshine a year. Between November and March, there can be rainy episodes with temperatures that nevertheless remain well above 10 to 15 °C compared to Europe.

Prepare for your trip:

How to get to Soul house & Surf?

Morocco is served by direct flights from the main European airports. Soul House & Surf is 45 minutes from Casablanca airport.

Casablanca airport is the largest airport in Morocco and has many direct connections at lower cost.

To get to the guest house, there are taxis at the airport for about 300 dirhams to Dar Bouazza. Otherwise contact us to organize your transfer.

Where is Soul House & Surf located?

Soul House & Surf is located in Dar Bouazza, 15 km south of Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city and economic capital.

Dar Bouazza is a seaside village with many beaches and amenities.

What are the days of arrival and departure?

You arrive and leave when you want. If you book a package (surf coaching, surf & yoga, surf guiding), a taxi will pick you up at the airport and take you to the surf camp on the day of arrival and drop you off at the airport on the day of departure. If you are only coming for a few days (less than a week), taxi fares are extra.

What do I need to bring?

A beach towel (not provided by Soul House & Surf), a swimsuit, sunscreen (we recommend a minimum index of 30, knowing that 50 waterproof is ideal), sunglasses, flip-flops, a beach bag, warm clothing for the night depending on the period, and a plastic bag for your wetsuit if you intend to bring your own.

How can I pay?

We prefer that customers pay their reservation deposit online via PayPal. For payment, we ask for a cash payment on site. Payment by credit card is not possible.

Cash machines are available in the village.

What is the local currency?How to get it?

The current currency in Morocco is the Dirham. The exchange rate is about 11 Dirhams for 1 Euro, 13.50 Dirhams for 1 English Pound and 9 Dirhams for 1 US Dollar.

In most cases, Dirhams can only be obtained in Morocco. Usually the easiest and cheapest way to get Moroccan currency is to use the many Visa or Mastercard withdrawal terminals at the airport or Dar Bouazza. There are also exchange offices at the airports.

Most ATMs or cash machines in Morocco do not accept Maestro cards, so it is best to take your Visa card if you have one.

Traveller's Cheques are not a good idea for Morocco, they are not exchangeable at the airport or in the surrounding villages and there are very few places where you can use them.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Feel free to bring your own boards.

If you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, we advise you to bring your own board so that you have the right equipment to surf the best spots.

If you are a beginner, we provide all the necessary equipment for your learning.

There is a surf shop in Dar Bouazza where you can get what you need.

During your trip :

What facilities are there around Soul House & Surf?

Around Soul House & Surf you will find many shops: restaurants, shops, liquor store, car rental, cafes and banks. They can be reached on foot in only 10 to 15 minutes. A map with all the shops nearby will be given to you on your arrival to guide you.

At 5 minutes by car, you can go to a large shopping centre; to the pubs and private beaches for festive and watered evenings; to the aqua park (only open in summer); to the bowling alley; or take a ride on a quad bike, jet ski, towed buoy...

If necessary, you can go to Casablanca where you will find everything you are looking for.

What activities are available?

Apart from surfing, you can visit Casablanca, Rabat and El Jadida : check details here

Spend the day at the beach sunbathing, playing football, volleyball or molky.

Visit other beaches and surf spots in the region.

Swimming pool, ping pong table, board games, card games and console games are available at Soul house & Surf.

Explore the surrounding area by bike or skateboard: these are available for hire at Soul House & Surf.

Many other actvities are available aound : check this page

Is it safe to drive in Morocco?

The highway code is relatively well respected in Morocco. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to be more vigilant and attentive because some drivers and motorcyclists adopt a dangerous understanding and do not necessarily respect all the rules of conduct. You will generally find this kind of behavior in Casablanca which is a saturated and very crowded city where it is quite difficult to drive.

If you rent a car, make sure you have a valid European driver's license that indicates you have been driving for at least one year. The law requires that you carry your license and car rental documents with you at all times when driving in Morocco. Seatbelts must be worn at all times and using a cell phone while driving is an offence punishable by fine. Police and gendarmerie checkpoints are common along the roads and you must slow down or even stop and wait for them to pass you.

In Morocco, as in Europe, driving is right-handed. Roads are relatively good but can sometimes have bumps and potholes.

What about insurance?

It is your responsibility to obtain adequate travel insurance prior to your trip. Anyone booking a vacation with Soul House & Surf must have comprehensive travel insurance. Soul House & Surf accepts no responsibility for loss, theft, damage or injury to persons or property during their stay.

What about alcoholic beverages?

Although we are in a Muslim country, alcohol consumption is allowed for foreigners. However, you must remain discreet and avoid drinking in full view of everyone.

You can buy alcohol in a liquor cellar which is located 10 minutes walk from Soul House & Surf or you can drive 10 minutes to the shopping center.

How to get around the place?

It is important to know that you can access the beach and all the shops and amenities only on foot.

Moreover, if you have booked a package, we will take care of transporting you from the guest house to the surf spots and bring you back at the end of the day. Otherwise it will be in addition.

In addition, we organize some organized tours such as Casablanca. We then take care of the transport and all the logistics.

If you wish to move freely, you have 2 options:

- Take the small taxi which allows you to circulate inside Dar Bouazza. or the big taxi which makes the connection between the cities, if you want to go to Casablanca for example. Once in Casablanca, you can either take the small taxi or the tram. We advise you against the bus network which is very old and badly organized.

- Rent a car : there is a renting agency at Dar Bouazza. It costs 300 Dhs a day